Thank you for visiting our website. We are your one-stop source for all of your requirements,including starters, alternators, generators, lights, light bars, lubrication equipment, desiccant breathers, filter carts, and much, much more.

Since 1967 Filter Products Corporation has served its customers around the world. We save individuals and companies, just like yours, thousands of dollars each year by providing competitive pricing from the name brands you know and trust.

Due to COVID and supply chain issues our operation has changed. We drop ship a lot of product from our suppliers to reduce lead time. As lead time has extended this has become an invaluable tool for us to assist our customers. We are authorized distributors for the productswe sell. We don’t buy obsolete or excess inventory and try to sell it online.

Sourcing from the leaders in our industries such as Wix, Luberfiner, Mann-Hummel, and Des-Case for filtration and desiccant breathers and filter carts. Delco-Remy, Wilson,Prestolite/Leece Neville, Dixie, Romaine Electrical, and J&N Electrical for rotating electric.Ingersoll Rand for air starters. Lincoln, Samson, Meclube, and Raasm for lubrication equipment.GPI for fuel distribution and others.

There are many aftermarket companies that produce quality products that meet or exceed the brand name products that have availability and competitive pricing.

We ship from our suppliers warehouses and from Phoenix, AZ and Knoxville, TN.We ship all desiccant breathers out of Knoxville and most aftermarket hydraulic filters.Our online pricing is the most competitive but there are sometimes opportunities for special pricing especially on MAP products. Please email us with any questions you might have.Our customers are as small as the individual with a requirement to the largest copper and gold mining company in the world.